Seven Principals to Running Your Own Home Based Business

These are seven principals that I utilize every day in my own home based business.1. Find a good work areaIt is necessary to have a specified work area that will give you the opportunity to think about how to better your business and work consistently on your products. Find a place that will free you of distraction and a place that you are able to relax.2. Set official business hoursJust because you have the ability to work at any time you desire, there is no reason that you should. Business craves routine. It is necessary to map out a set schedule for working hours and stick to those hours of business. Any time of the day just make sure you are consistent.3. Take actionIf you are selling an item, action is creating those items and advertising the items effectively so that you can sell them to people who want them. If you are an author, action is sitting down in front of the word processor and moving the cursor to the right and getting your thoughts out so the reader can enjoy your eloquence.4. Create a plan of attackA plan of attack is a routine you follow each day or each week. Write down how much time you will use to create your product and stick to that amount of time, and move on to the next activity on your plan. Plan for days with your family or friends or just time away from business and stick to it.5. Be bold in your decisionsThe trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger. You must be willing to take chances with your business and follow through with the idea that is on your mind, even if your peers believe it to be a mistake. You will never succeed without the risk of failure.6. Be a leaderThere are many different ideas about leadership. The first and foremost in my mind is lead by example. You never ask someone to do something that you would not do yourself. Create a product that you would buy for a price you are willing to pay.7. Get your mind rightThis step is critical to the reality of owning a home based business. I am sure you have come across a writer stating that 70% of all home based businesses fail. The reason is because that 70% did not think of their venture as a business and in turn the venture was not treated as a business.Use these principals and make them your own. Build from them and alter them for your own business needs as your business thrives.

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